Success Stories

Miller: How it saves you money

Miller Tool & Die Company based in Jackson, Michigan, needed to reduce bottom-line costs. It partnered with Mesco for Integrated Material Solutions. Using MescoPak, in less than six months, Miller’s non-value-added time on machine builds dropped almost 78 percent. The company’s before-after comparison found a savings of 500 man-hours in its receiving warehouse. Additionally, using MescoPak freed up 50 percent more floor space. As a result, Miller can build more tools - and for less cost.

Insights on efficiency

Leverage the efficiency of skilled trade labor - and finish more jobs
“So much time is wasted sourcing. The key is to get the parts on the dock, and get the products out the door, as efficiently as possible. That’s throughput. The more efficient we get, the more machines we can build. It’s about whole-system efficiency. It’s about speed to market.”

Materials carefully and precisely packaged
“The MescoPaks are easy to manage and work with. I look at my blueprint, and it tells me what I need. I just go right to my box where everything is clearly labeled - it’s grab and go. We’ve seen non-value added time literally reduced from 325 to 15 hours.”

Savings on front-office costs
“With MescoPak, it’s one supplier, one quote, one purchase order, one bill to pay. We’re looking at least another 100 hours saved in administrative costs.”

Inventory - Just-In-Time
“Before, we’d put excess inventory and parts in a storage room - it was chaotic. Things would get lost. Now, we don’t have all of that inventory on site, so it’s less to keep track of, and less to get misplaced. We’ve freed up the storage room and this space will become profitable, working space. And our customers now see an organized shop, which leaves a lasting impression. We’re able to offer better service because we’ve gone in this lean direction. …We work a lot with the Michigan Manufacturing & Technical Center and the Center for Automotive Research - and they’re preaching the exact same thing. Some businesses take full advantage of lean practices, but other ones, they lose by doing it the old way. We realized there was a better way. We saw MescoPaks as the solution.